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AES Licensed Perlino Akhal Teke Eventing Stallion

Looking for something different? Athleticism, elasticity, stamina, speed, agility, scope over a fence, excellent movement and a high percentage of blood?

Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion Kambarbay possesses all of the desirable characteristics of the modern event horse. In addition he has a beautiful head, well defined limbs, a well proportioned length of body and neck along with the metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renown.

The Akhal Teke as a breed are famous for their great stamina, intelligence, speed, agility and bravery, the characteristics very much sought after for the eventing, endurance and all round sport horse.

Whilst the Akhal Teke appear to be light of bone, it is in fact exceptionally dense, designed to cover hard ground at high speed without sustaining injury. The Akhal Teke are renowned for not suffering soundness issues with exceptionally strong tendons and hardy hooves that require little maintenance.

Kambarbay is a stallion with nobility and refinement an elegant high blood stallion with the ability as a Perlino to pass on his dilute colouring 100% of the time.


Colour Genetics

Homozygous agouti and cream he will always produce palomino and buckskin foals from solid mares. He carries both the red and black factor and is homozygous agouti. He cannot produce smokey blacks

Kambarbay has competition results in the disciplines of British Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.


Kambarbay has very good mechanics, the trot is light footed with excellent flexion of the joints, he has good reach through the shoulder and sufficient length of stride. His canter is quick and light with excellent self carriage and his walk is long active and reaching.


His jumping technique is tactile and quick, with excellent foreleg technique. He has more than sufficient talent for jumping. He covers terrain with ease and is very sure footed, he is bold and confident cross country.


In addition Kambarbay's temperament is golden, he is a very gentle and obedient stallion attached to those he entrusts. He shows high intelligence and is very quick to learn. He has a submissive rather than a dominant temperament and seeks assurance from his rider/handler.


Kambarbay has proven a popular choice with mare owners world wide and has been used extensively. He has progeny in Australia, Belgium, France, Norway The Netherlands, The USA and throughout the UK. He also has progeny that have been sold to Germany and Italy. At the AES Elite foal auction it was noted by the Brightwells auctioneer that they had never had as much interest in a foal from overseas as they had for Lanaken, with bids received.

He has crossed well with a vast variety of breeds with pleasing results, including KWPN, Selle Francais, Belgium Warmblood, Irish Sport Horse & Draught mares, Pure Bred and Part Bred Arabian, Spanish Breeds, Thoroughbreds, Pure Bred Akhal Teke mares, Welsh Native Breeds and Pony mares as well as mares of unknown origin.

Our clients have all remarked upon their abundant stamina and energy, with many commenting on a special aptitude to collect and extend within the gaits especially in canter coupled with ability to gallop, halt and turn with remarkable ease. They are exceptionally light footed and light of fore with good mechanics.

They have been described as being particularly close to people, bold, brave and inquisitive. They have faired exceptionally well at youngstock foal inspections and in the county show ring at the most prestigious events and has earned his reputation as a sire of Champions and high scoring premium awards both here in the UK and overseas. His eldest progeny are demonstrating their ability to perform well in sport.

His Sire

Kuvvatli is a descendant of the Posman-line, dam family Fantaziya (Mama Niyaz) born in 1989 at Komsomol Stud, Turkmenistan. His sire is 990 Karaman and dam 2129 Alchak (line Ak Belek). He is a half-brother to 1150 Gaigisiz who is one of the best stallions at the moment in Russia. Kuvvatli's full sister Sumrygush was a broodmare at Yulduz farm in Russia who became a breed champion among adult mares in Krasnodar in 1991.

Kuvvatli was trained for dressage and show-jumping prior to retiring to stud duties. Recommended for breeding by MAAK as having a very rare and good pedigree. Mr. Aleksander Klimuk from Stavropol Stud in Russia liked him a great deal, paying special reference to his interesting pedigree and type. Kuuvalti's dam comes from different branch of line Posman than those from Gaigisiz as his mother comes from Ak Belek line - quite rare, especially in Europe.

Kambarbay is currently one of the only 5 Posman-line breeding stallions in Europe at the moment the other three come from Gaigisiz' sons. Kuuvalti has since passed away at his home in Estonia at Akhal Teke Est at the age of 19.

His Dam

Sonata was born in 1988 at the Komsomol Stud, Turkmenistan and imported to the Akhal-Teke EST farm in winter 2004/2005. Sonata's sire is 960 Mukhtar and dam 2059 Sil (line Peren).

A mare with very good height for an Akhal-Teke 163cm at the withers. Sonata bred 6 foals during her life, 3 of them by the famous stallion 985 Dagestan. Her offspring are used as sires and broodmares in Russia. She was an excellent mare with her size producing good and strong horses for sport but having also good AT type.

Kambarbay was her first foal by Kuvvatli born in Estonia. In 2007 she produced a beautiful black filly Guli-Star by Gulistan. In 2008 her last foal was a beige-perlino filly Saryyagyz from Kuvvatli full sister to Kambarbay. Sonata passed away in summer 2009 at the age of 21.


Breed: Akhal-Teke
Licensed: AES VNIIK
Born: 2006
Colour: Perlino
Height: 1.60m
Stud Fee:
Frozen £1000 3 Straws Last few doses availble.
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Photo Gallery

In Dressage Training with Matt Burnett

Kambarbay Loose Schooling & Cross Country with Lucy Craigie

Kambarbay At The Stallion AI Services & Tremlows Hall Stud Farm Stallion Parade And Open Day April 2016

1219 Kuvvatli 990 Karaman 895 Kermek 2 882 Kalkan
1363 Tovshan
1689 Fialka 831 Farfor
1378 Festival
2129 Alchak 950 Enysh 903 Meleke
1410 Aza
1429 Alkeik 885 Kambar
1213 Kamina
2939 Sonata 960 Mukhtar 858 Ametist 668 Absent
1106 Algush
1609 Melekush 810 Sukhum
1648 Pobeda
2059 Sil 917 Sektor 779 Peren
1254 Kesketli
1429 Alkeik 885 Kambar
1213 Kamina

Kambarbay 2012

Sannabay's Hakuna Matata
Now Competing 100cm British Eventing with new rider/owner Lisa Egan

Photo Copyright Blackheart Photography

Lanaken SSH
1st Breeders Network Qualifier Croft Top Equestrian
1st Yearling (Eventing) & Champion Reserve
Now licensed SPSS
Qualified BBN Championship Show Sept 2017

Mikaela SSH
AES Elite Filly Foal
Winner Sport Horse Foal The Royal Highland Show 2017
Dam KWPN Ster mare Abisag (San Remo x Jacardo)

(Kambarbay x Osmium x Elcaro)
NRPS 1st Premium & Regional Foal Champion in The Netherlands 2017
Owned & Bred By Lovelyn Van Gerven

Kambarbay's Kiska Dior
(Kambarbay x Accolade)
Multi Show Ring Champion Filly
Owned & Bred by Carol Roberts

Lanaken SSH
Highest Priced Colt Sold at the AES Elite Foal Auction
Dam KWPN Ster mare Abisag (San Remo x Jacardo)

Solaris Jakalino SSH
Licensed Stallion SPSS 2017
Part Bred Welsh Pony
High Scoring 1st Premium Scottish Sports Horse

Jakira SSH
Scottish Sports Horse National Foal Champion & Supreme Champion Reserve 2014
Dam KWPN Ster mare Abisag (San Remo x Jacardo)

Jakira SSH

Julenka SSH
Dam 1st Premium NRPS Mare Edwina (Edking Hill x Dottore)
Sold To Germany

Sugar House Khaleesi
Elite Graded Filly AES
Bred by Ruth Mealy Sugar House Stud
Sold to Italy

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