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A Warm Welcome To The Web Site Of Solaris Sport Horses Breeders of KWPN and AES sport horses for the olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and Showjumping often in distinctive and colourful robes.

The stud farm is situated in Perthshire, Scotland, UK, the region described as the Gateway to the Highlands.

The studs mare herd consists of many top performance and world class dressage and jumping bloodlines and breeds a handful of foals each year, some offered for sale with others retained for future breeding in order to move our breeding program forward. Our focus is very much on quality not quantity.

By breeding from highly graded stud book inspected mares, selecting the very best bloodlines that Europe has to offer combined with a strong emphasis on proven performance mare lines, we incorporate distinctive and attractive coats of colour without compromising on quality to produce talented and beautiful horses suited for the amateur & professional rider.

Consistently producing 1st Premium Stud Book inspected, Champion and Prize Winning foals, our young stock and horses have been successfully sold to clients as far as the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, throughout Scotland and the UK.

Our stallions Umenno, Solaris Buenno and Kambarbay have frozen semen exported to clients worldwide in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia and the USA with excellent results on 1st insemination.

Many of our home bred horses and the progeny of our stallions that are now under saddle are competing with success in the disciplines of dressage, showjumping and eventing at National & International level but equally as important have made fabulous horses for the amateur and leisure rider who require sane, sound and sensible mounts.

Solaris Sport Horses currently stand three stallions at stud


Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion

Important NOTICE : Fresh Chilled semen will be available throughout the UK until 30th June 2019 ONLY

Frozen Semen will remain available in Australia & Europe can be shipped to South Africa upon request at mare owners expense.

Solaris Buenno

Homozygous Coloured Dutch Warmblood stallion Fresh chilled semen available throughout the UK

Frozen Semen Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, USA, New Zealand and SA

Solaris Amoureux

KWPN Homozygous Black Dressage Stallion Fresh Chilled only throughout the UK.

In addition, the stud owns distribution rights to the frozen semen supplies of our formerly owned foundation stallions:


KWPN Coloured Dutch Warmblood stallion Umenno now stands at Stud in South Africa
Frozen Semen available in Australia,

Frozen semen can be shipped to Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the USA


Cremello Warmblood Stallion McJonnas now stands at stud in Holland.
Frozen semen available within the UK only.

Solaris Sport Horses

Address Cromlix Cromlix FK15 9JU
Mobile: 0044 (0) 759 0813 509
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